This is MIMCO

Creative, collaborative, fun
& (slightly) unconventional

We aim to empower and inspire women; we partner with the Ethical Fashion Initiative and support Our Watch & their vision of equality; we design for modern women and always celebrate originality.

We Value

When we design, we take our time to create accessories that any woman will love, season after season.

Our Design Philosophy

Quality, versatility, originality and collectability define our design philosophy. ‘Our designers work with and are inspired by artisanal communities across the globe. We share these inspirations with you in every detail we design.’ Anne-Marie Bodal,
MIMCO Head of Design

We’re encouraging change to support a better future—our journey is only just beginning.

The Country Road Group Good Business Journey

As part of the Country Road Group, we focus on seven key focus areas: Ethical trade, sustainable farming and sourcing of raw materials, energy efficiency, waste reduction, water stewardship, social development, health and wellness.

Find out more about our sustainability journey here.

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