An Ode to Craft: new season jewellery

How and why we create our jewellery

MIMCO’s hometown has always been Melbourne, Australia and today, our design team still works in our Richmond head office—with inspiration coming from many (sometimes unexpected) corners of the world.

Our unique jewellery takes timeless, vintage concepts and makes them modern. But before anything else, we fall for an idea, a sketch, a single glimmering stone. Then we play…

As always, this season our collection has been crafted with an elegant array of materials such as resin, acetate and custom-coloured glass crystals for a unique statement. The colour palette sees gold and silver play a major role—we love the combination of mixing plating colours for a twist on trends.

Jewellery designed in Melbourne with resin, acetate, custom-coloured glass and gold and silver plating

Go behind the design with our Senior Jewellery Designer Sophie.

How would you describe the design journey of MIMCO’s jewellery?

It’s collaborative, we all work together to bring each piece to life; For example, this season we completely re-designed some pieces after seeing a new scarf print, building an entire material and colour palette around it. We always sketch initial ideas and have a hands-approach to material selection. We think about how to create levels of colours and textures, which was particularly important for our new range—materials are crucial to bringing a specific feeling to life.

MIMCO Willow bracelet - Textured metal jewellery with autumnal design designed in melbourne

How were the key jewellery pieces made—what went into them?

The range is about the eclectic grouping and layering of materials through multiple forms of construction. We wanted to create the feeling of warmth and tactility with materials that felt “found”; Pieces are created by layering, weaving and riveting of clusters.

Jewellery designed in melbourne featuring layered metal, malachite and natural stones
Jewellery designed in melbourne featuring layered metal, malachite and natural stones

What materials are used in MIMCO’s jewellery?

Materials always play a huge role in all our collections. This season, we layered translucent forms on top of solid and patterned acetates and in some cases worked back with suede to bring in a vibrant colour we wouldn’t have otherwise achieved. In our Arbor and Tibor pieces, it was about making bold primary colours work together but having them remain neutral. For the Eden collection, we wanted to create the feeling of a modern bouquet of colour with soft but rich jewel-toned crystals and stones.