New Year’s Resolution #1: Define (or reinvent) your personal style, with our latest collection...and celebrity stylist Jess Pecoraro.

With a little help from Yan Yan Chan (behind the camera), Jess styled some of our new key pieces so you can (re)define your own new year style – which woman are you?


You love classic pieces – with a bit of twist – and ‘wear-anywhere accessories’ define your wardrobe staples.

Jess says: “A man-style blazer and a wide leg pant is my ultimate polished look; all-white apparel, with a navy blazer, will make classic black accessories stand out. I think choosing a neutral palette helps to achieve a polished look.

I love the simple shape of the Phenomena Midi Hip bag, the twist detail on the Helix Mules (which are practical style for every day) as well as the rose gold detailing on the Methodica Timepeace. Oversized, frameless sunglasses are a great way to bring the whole look together, in a modern way.”


You mix-and-match statement pieces with one (or three) bold accessories and you’re not afraid of a print or colour clash – and why should you be?!

Jess says: “For me, styling pieces that are classic, but also bright and bold, is the perfect way to get an eclectic look without overdoing it. I love the matching earrings and necklace (our Virtual Drop and Virtual Necklace) as they look really modern and chic. A nude heel is a great wardrobe staple, but especially one with heel details, which adds a little something extra. I also loved the size of the Algorithm Hobo, it’s the perfect everyday bag.

I love adding some colour with a statement pant, in this case in a bold pink hue, paired back with an oversized pale blue shirt. This mix of colours works with the eclectic jewellery so well.”


You’re always ahead in the fashion game and you’re confident in making the latest trends work with your wardrobe.

Jess says: “This is a weekend look that you could wear anywhere. White slides are a great update from your sneakers or sandals, and the round bag adds a really fashion-forward vibe to the look. Keeping your look simple is best, so that the accessories are the focal points.

I love a ‘90s high-waisted mum-style jean at the moment, which works perfectly with white slides.”


How would you describe your personal style – are you The Polished Lady, The Eclectic Collector or The Trend Setter?

Overall my style is quite classic and I go for more of a polished look, but I also like mixing elements of all three styles when I can.

As a stylist you’re often dressing others for events etc., do you love dressing up yourself?

Yes, I love dressing up, especially for a special event or when I am on holidays, but I don't do it as often as I would like too. As a stylist, I am generally the last one to get ready or to organise an outfit, so I’ve come up with a few go-to looks, which always seem to save me last minute. These are generally classic pieces that never date and can be transformed with the right accessories.

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

Career-wise, I have already started working on a few projects for 2018, so I'm excited to see them come to life – I’m also looking forward to seeing my business grow. On a personal note, I am looking forward to some travel with my husband and our new home.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

To be more spontaneous.