As a young woman dedicated to great style, health and happiness, fashion blogger, Maia Cotton (@maiacotton) is part of New Zealand’s latest crop of fashion darlings. Get to know Maia by spending a week of spontaneous castings, blog meetings and dinner plans in her (MIMCO) shoes.

MONDAY: The Mechanica Slipper

For most of us, Mondays mean it's time to get back to work. Although for the most part, I don't enjoy the first early morning of the week, I try to make sure I’m organised to make them as easy as possible, choosing my outfit the night before and making a delicious breakfast, so I can head out the door with five minutes to spare. In reality though, this never seems to be the case and styling always seems to turn into a last minute decision as I rush out the door. If you too are like me, The Mechanica Slipper will become a repeat offender in your accessories wardrobe due to its throw-on-and-go appeal.

There is something about its sleek and effortless design which screams style; ideal for a day in the office or if you’re spending hours on your feet. Comfortable? Yes, and timeless too, so you can wear them again, and again.

Monday: The Mechanica Slipper
Tuesday: The She's a Mod Boot

TUESDAY: She’s a Mod

The She's A Mod Boot is the definition of versatile – ideal for those days when I have to leave the house with a moments notice to attend spontaneous castings or meetings, as it can be dressed up or down to compliment any look. On a day when my schedule is hectic, (always in a good way, of course) this little black boot is the perfect addition.

WEDNESDAY: Red Carpet 100 Pump

As the days get shorter, and the air gets colder, I find this in-between season is often the most challenging to dress for. It's the middle of the working week and I’m heading out with a friend for dinner, but as the weather gets cooler, I need a shoe that will effortlessly dress up a cosy knit and a pair of ripped jeans. In this case I chose the Red Carpet 100 Pump in black, a signature shoe I would place at the top of my “wardrobe essentials” list.

the Red Carpet 100 Pump in black, a signature shoe I would place at the top of my “wardrobe essentials” list.

Wednesday: The Red Carpet 100 Pump

THURSDAY: Amalgamania Slip On

Another great winter shoe, this little tan slip-on is a great alternative to any woman’s black wardrobe staples. The Amalgamania Slip On adds a depth to my wardrobe, and if, like me, you own a lot of black footwear, this could be the change you’re looking for. Yes, I know it doesn’t happen often but comfort and style can co-exist, this shoe is living proof!

FRIDAY: Streamline Bootie

A shoe like the Streamline Bootie has been on my wishlist for quite a while now as I love the idea of pairing a ladylike bootie with a slightly mannish twist. Fridays for me could involve anything from attending events, to a simple dinner with friends, but today my favourite pair of ripped jeans, a simple button up and a leather jacket seemed like the perfect ensemble to complement the shoe as I ran around town.

Thursday: The Amalgamania Slip On
Friday: The Streamline Bootie
Saturday: The Amalgamania Slip On

SATURDAY: Amalgamania Slip On

While a typical Saturday for me can involve anything from unplanned errands, meeting friends, or work, you’ll usually just find me in my casual denim shorts and a tee. However, if I need to dress up a simple weekend outfit, I love to throw on a blazer and my ultimate wardrobe essential – the black boot. Simple, stylish, sleek, I’d say the Amalgamania Slip On is the perfect weekend companion.

SUNDAY: Terrainia Hi-Top Sneaker

A lazy Sunday calls for a slouchy, laid back outfit, as well as a shoe that I can just slip on and feel completely comfortable in. If you’re out-and-about like me, even if it’s just to walk your dog, something great about the Terrainia Hi-Top Sneakers is that they are so easy to wear, and they just look so fresh.

Sunday: The Terrainia Hi Top Sneaker

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