Whether you’re heading to a casual beach ‘do or an all-out glam affair, New Year’s Eve is always an excuse to dress up.

Twins Nicole and Danielle (of @whenwordsfail_) offer up their tips on what to wear for the big night.

Our advice: take their advice – no matter the soiree you’re planning on throwing, or going to...

A Glam Affair

“Adding a bold necklace can completely dress up even the most simplest outfit. We paired MIMCO’s Euphoria Necklace with a plain white linen pant suit and their Euphoria Drop Earrings with a sheer black blouse and sparkly cream pants. Every New Years we find ourselves going all out.”

Beach Party

“We like keeping things simple during the day by mostly wearing linen midi dresses paired with platform wedges – we aren’t the tallest, so we have always loved bringing a heel into the equation. Colourful hoop earrings and chic sunglasses are a must to finish off your look!”

New Year’s Festival

“We don’t like being too dressed up, so a sneaker and a platform wedge works perfectly with denim or a printed dress. During a festival you want to be hands free so you can dance the day/night away. Having a cross-body bag or a backpack is ideal.”


We took five with Nicole & Danielle to talk all things New Years, twin intuition & resolutions. Read on and get to know When Word's Fail and what they have planned for New Year's Eve.

In three words, describe your party season style for:

·NYE Beach Party: simple, lazy, minimal
·NYE Festival: colourful, fun, spontaneous
·NYE Rooftop Party: chic, classy, sparkly

What is your ultimate NYE celebration?

Nicole: Starting off at the beach with friends, swimming and dancing to music, then having a BBQ.
We both love being around friends and family every New Years!

Danielle: Having a BBQ or house party with friends and family.

Can you pick each other's New Year’s resolutions?

Nicole: Danielle’s would be to stop eating dairy
Danielle: – NO I love dairy! mine is to not stress as much

Danielle: Nicole’s would be to stop worrying what people think
Nicole: YES but also to exercise more)

Best thing about being a twin, go!

Nicole: Having a best friend around always. We get along so well and understand each other more than anyone.

Danielle: Never feeling alone! We’re so lucky to have always had each other growing up.