There’s nothing like preparing for summer vacations (except being on them, of course), and that’s something Lisa Smith, or @lisadanielle_ as you may know her, knows too well.

On her recent trip to the Maldives, we ensured she had plenty of summer-appropriate accessories to get her through the long, lazy days and warm, flirty nights; in return, she offered her top tips and picks for traveling this summer.

How would you define your summer style?

Simple & comfortable (but always stylish).

You were recently basking in the sun in the dreamy Maldives – with some of our newest arrivals in tow. Can you tell us about your trip?

I was lucky enough to visit that bucket list location for my honeymoon! I have always dreamt of going there and I can’t believe it actually happened. It was exactly how I imagined it: breathtakingly beautiful and so relaxing. We swam, snorkeled, rode our bikes around the island, had so many special meals and a few too many cocktails – It was absolute magic.

What are your top 3 tips for travelling?

Do lots of research on your destination and find some unique spots to visit – whether it be a natural wonder, an incredible temple, a cool vintage store, or an epic airbnb. I usually find the best places through Instagram.

2. Learn a few words or phrases of the native language – it goes a long way with the locals. And always respect different cultures and look for the beauty in them.

3. Take a few pampering items on your long haul flights to keep feeling fresh and hydrated. I take a pillow with a silk pillowslip (trust me, it’s life-changing), a face hydration spray, a reusable water bottle with filtered water, lip balm & some face masks. It sounds extravagant but it makes all of the difference.

And what about your vacation essentials?

· Cute passport cover
· Straw hat
· A beach bag
· Bikinis
· A turkish towel
· Simple linen outfits
· Some dressier pieces (for cocktail hour)
· A few pairs of shoes
· And of course a few different pairs of sunglasses :)

What do you love most about summer?

So many things: The warm air, salty ocean swims, weekend camping trips, cocktails with friends, and mangos.


Lisa is...Just a girl living her dream; from the Gold Coast and a big, loving family; someone who spends her time working jobs she loves so much that it doesn’t feel like she works at all; very passionate about travelling & encouraging others to follow their dreams

Who lives…In Byron Bay

But feels most at home…Anywhere with her Hubby

In her spare time she...Takes photos, has beach picnics with friends, runs a homewares business
(Blush & Ochre), spends time with her family & travels as often as possible

One day she will…Complete her bucket list! Next up, India

Her go-to accessory is…A Straw Basket

And her life motto is….Don’t let your dreams just be dreams