Our Supernatural Mini, Estatica Wide Bangle and Patron Sunglasses

Much like the timeless pieces that define her wardrobe, "Melbourne Girl" (and mum, of soon-to-be two) Emily Collie’s style is a signature as the city she lives in and blogs about: Melbourne. On her summer wishlist; classic pieces that are anything but boring – and a beach-side holiday!

My classic accessories staples are...

A statement watch, a scattering of gold rings, sunglasses and a timeless leather bag.

My style heroine is...

Christine Centenera (Fashion Director Vogue Australia) – she is the Street Style queen!
I love her effortlessly chic style. Christine can perfectly blend high end designer fashion and accessory pieces with high street brands to achieve a sleek, sharp and generally monochrome based look.

Classic Melbourne style is…

Anything and everything black.

Lady in Black: Emily Collie
Summer blooms: Our Estatica Wide Bangle and Patron Sunglasses

My ultimate Summer Wish is...

To be beach-side, in holiday mode! I wish I could forever chase the sun, I’m a summer baby…

When it comes to classic style: less is more or more is more...

Less is always more as a general style rule. I’m a minimalist kind of girl, because when it comes to ‘minimal’ style, it’s the finer details that make or break an outfit. So if you’re going to wear accessories, you have to make them count.

The woman I wish I could meet is...

Anna Wintour. She's a powerhouse in the business of fashion, and not only knows how to hold her position as the no.1 woman in the game (and how to wear dark sunglasses in every style situation), her eye for style and new trends, as well as her support for younger designers across the globe, is so inspiring.

I wish I could raid the classic wardrobe of...

Rachel Zoe. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on the stylish mother-of-two’s collection of fashion and accessories pieces! Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton… oh my!

My Signature Style Icons

1. Christine Centenera

2. Kourtney Kardashian

3. Elin Kling

4. Jess Hart

5. Nicole Richie

Style Icon: Christine Centenera by Candice Lake

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