The MIMCO Stationery collection

Saffiano leather stationery designed to be personalised—and gifted.

There’s nothing more thoughtful than personalised stationery and our new collection of saffiano leather notebooks (with refillable pages), pen sets, pencil cases and pen holders were designed to give—and get.

Mimco Precious Earring

Whether you’re looking to dress up your office desk with unique stationery, to organise your day or to create a journal that’s truly personal to you, this collection is designed for you.

Mimco Precious Earring

You’ll love: refillable notebook pages, pencil cases that double as beauty brush cases and pen sets, complete with leather pouch.

Mimco Precious Rings
Mimco Precious Bracelets

Georgia Zogopoulos, of GGPR, personlised an entire set of MIMCO stationery for her Melbourne-based office. Our collection comes in our signature black and rose gold combination as well as our seasonal confetti and mulberry hues—the perfect tones for a modern office.

Mimco Precious Jewellery

Emboss the entire collection with MIMBOSS, our luxury leather embossing service.