Vacation Packing 101

It’s winter in Australia, so there’s a good chance you’ve got a summer holiday in Europe planned. And even if you don’t, there’s always that impromptu weekend away!

Either way, let us—and Aubrey Daquinag of The Love Assembly— help you make the least enjoyable part of the trip (read: the packing) just as fun as the vacation itself.

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Three must-have travel essentials:
Cross body bag

One that is small enough to carry around all day but big enough to carry your everyday essentials like your phone, wallet, camera, lip balm, and snacks. Travel tip: Hold it close and secure in front when you're in crowded markets or events.

cross body abd with bandanna
cross body bad with contents

Laptop Bag

A major part of my job is to travel and since I am able to call the world my office my necessities include my laptop, hard drive, phone and camera(s) to get the job done. A well-designed laptop bag allows me to store my 'digital nomad office essentials' safely and securely.

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Beauty Case

Packing your beauty items in a case not only keeps you organised but prevents any spillage of the items in your suitcase, which is a not-so-pretty-sight to see when you land and open your suitcase. Material matters too. Clear PVC will prevent spillage, and it gives you access to all your products, so you're not scrambling to find your dry shampoo or hydrating mist.

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You’ve recently published a travel book entitled “Wander Love” can you give us a bit of insight into what it’s about?

WANDER LOVE is the perfect mix of style, substance and travel adventures to inspire your own. It begins with an insight into this 'wanderful world' that I have created from scratch, filled with travel, photography, brand projects and making the world my office through my blog, The Love Assembly. It features just as much photography from destinations that I have travelled to as it does words that I've written from all corners of the globe—in departure gates to cute cafes.

Essentially, my journey shows that a step out of the comfort zone and into the unknown can lead to some incredible places in life that you never ever could have dreamed about.

What’s the meaning behind the name “Love Assembly”?

The Art of designing a life you love. Through travel adventures and creative living.

What are your top three tips for travelling?

  1. Replace fear with curiosity and always have an open mind: learn the language, taste the food, respect the culture, let their style contribute to a part of yours, interact with the locals, and embrace every moment. No growth ever happened within your comfort zone.

  2. Download google maps offline. You don't have to follow it but it will give you peace of mind whilst you wander.

  3. As you explore and discover more parts of our beautiful world, allow solitude and self-reflection to explore and discover more parts of yourself.

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Get to know Aubrey

Aubrey is… curious, creative, a deep-thinker, salsa lover and on a mission to empower young women to realise their potential by using the act of travel as a form of personal growth and self-development.

Who lives… from a suitcase. Currently based in Sydney, most of the time on the road for brand projects, and soon to be moving to London to live!

But feels most at home… any time spent with familiar faces in inspiring places.

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In her spare time she… creates themed Spotify playlists dedicated to travel destinations and moods.

And one day she will… use her yoga and meditation teacher training to launch creative travel mindful escapes. (coming soon!)

Her go-to accessory is… A fine line between a scarf (thick and knitted for chilly destinations and light, silky and soft for the warm destinations) and earrings (fine and dainty for every day and statement kinds for an instant bold change).