An Evening in Paris

Building the perfect evening wardrobe isn’t always easy; you need to nail the balance of glamour, elegance and the all-important wow-factor! Which is where our latest collection comes into the picture.

As an honorary Parisienne, lawyer-turned-style blogger Jiawa Liu —or Beige Renegade—knows a thing or two about finding the perfect balance, especially when it comes to a night out. What better place to road-test an evening wear collection than the City of Light?! Get to know Jiawa, and the collection below...

What’s your top accessory pick from the new collection?

My favourite piece right now is the Phenomena Belt Bag. A few years ago no one would be seen in a bum bag—the tables have turned. I love when things are so uncool they are cool again.

If you had to choose just one accessory for life, what would it be?

A pair of ruby-red pumps, like Dorothy. You know, so you can click your heels three times…

What’s the meaning behind the name Beige Renegade?

‘Beige’ is sometimes used as a put down for someone who is normal or bland to an extreme. I savour staying at home with chips and Netflix, and will run out of the house 20 minutes late without brushing my hair. So my friends often joked I was ‘beige’ to the point of being a revolutionary of the stereotype—hence Beige Renegade.

What is your favourite corner—or corners—of the world?

So far my favourite places are Paris and Istanbul. People in both cities love to sit down in a terrace and drink their coffee for half the day. Suits me perfectly.

How do you express your personality through your style—do accessories play a big part?

My personal style is like a mood ring. Refer to my accessories for which ‘me’ I feel like being on a given day: statement earrings for when I want to be seen (but perhaps not heard); an animal clutch for when new acquaintances are to be made; little glitter pumps for when there will probably be more dancing than conversation.

What has the journey from lawyer to full-time creative been like?

The freedom of being a full-time creative is definitely a contrast to the 9-to-5 life. I’ve loved making any place my office: the back-seat of long drives, a shady spot of lawn at the park, a rooftop in Paris. There are also the inevitable pitfalls, like realising you’ve been wearing pyjamas for 48 hours, and the only person you’ve seen face to face was the Coles delivery driver.

How important is taking risks to you—in life and fashion?

I’m not a risk taker. I think what’s more important (in life and fashion) is to not let fear cloud your decisions. Calmly assess the pros and cons. What are the risks, for example, of wearing a fantastic pastel pink tassel pump (our Kinship Pump) with a shiny vinyl coat on a night out in Paris? Will people think I’m mad? Do I care? And wouldn’t the glittering Eiffel Tower lights look amazing reflecting off that vinyl?