Our soon-to-be-released collection is filled with on-trend pieces you need now—so we made sure some of them arrived early. Here’s how you can wear our newest arrivals: Liz Sunshine of Street Smith captured them on the streets of Melbourne.

9 to 5

Some classic combinations have the ability to work with every look in your wardrobe: black leather with rose gold hardware. Our latest pieces staring this signature duo are no exception to that rule. Our Waver Tote will elevate your 9-5 look, but also let you move to after-work events effortlessly.

Change It Up

Clashing patterns and textures may not be groundbreaking, but it’s definitely the easiest way to make your wardrobe work harder. And accessories are your best bet for achieving a seasonal change-up; a glimmering slide, a ruffled feminine dress and a smooth leather cross-body make for a winning combination.

Seasonal Neutrals

This season, neutrals have been transformed—they’re fresher and more fun! Choose small accessories (like a do-it-all wallet) and colour-blocked jewellery as a base for your weekday-weekend rotations.

Spirited Prints

A spirited print has long been considered an essential in our collection. Splashed across practical, everyday accessories (many of which are completely non leather), they play the role of effortless statement maker i.e the (accessory) spice of life.